BSc (Hons) Environmental and Public Health.

Gearing the future generation towards a sustainable

Climatic change is one of the major stressors on public health and environmental indicators. The need to understand, assess and manage outbreaks of water-borne, food-borne diseases and also urban and industrial air quality and pollution has become increasingly important to align with the broader objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); hence the focus of this programme.
This programme provides the necessary know-how to preserve and promote the health of the individual and at community level. It also enables participants to identify and deal with the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, provides useful insights about environmental factors affecting the community, and the legal aspects and managerial framework related to environmental and public health practice.

Career Prospects

  • This programme will enable those who wish to join the field or who are already practicing in the field of environmental health and/or sanitary science to learn the technical, technological, managerial and communicative skills necessary to intervene in dealing with the stressors impacting on our environment and health. Opportunities are not limited to the public health sector as graduates may explore careers in the diagnostic, food processing, and CSR field among others.


Identify social and scientific factors which affect environmental and public health.
Identify and manage the various existing health hazards present in the environment affecting the community as a whole.
Be aware of the legal aspects, organisation and managerial frameworks governing public health practices in Mauritius.
Understand sustainability issues, inter-disciplinary approaches and partnership approach to working in environmental health.
Gain basic skills in management, accounting, procurement and communication.


  • (a) As per UTM’s ‘Admissions Regulations’ and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Degree Level’.
  • (b)Candidates holding a Diploma in Sanitary Science, Health Sciences or equivalent can enter the programme either in Semester 2 of Year 2 (Full time) or in Semester 1 of Year 3 (Part time).
  • Students entering the programme in Semester 2 Year 2 (Full time) will need to have an SPA of ≥40 to proceed to ear 3 of the programme. Where the SPA is < 40, students will need to repeat Semester 2 Year 2 (Full Time) as and when offered.


29 Lessons3 / 4 Years

Level 1

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Microbiology and Vector Biology
Public Health Administration & Organisation
Food Safety & Hygiene I
Introduction to Environmental Health
Principles of Sustainability
Control of Communicable Diseases
Environmental and Public Health Legislation
Health Information, Education and Communication
Food Safety and Hygiene II

Level 2

Level 3