BSc (Hons) Gerontology

A holistic understanding of our Elderly

This undergraduate degree has been developed taking into account the specific job skill requirements of the different institutions involved in gerontology and elderly care. The programme integrates up-to-date understanding of ageing populations and the ageing process, current social and health policy issues, and the implications of ageing for individuals and societies.
The programme has been designed to cover the different concepts, principles and theories of ageing and later life in contemporary societies. It will also enable learners to identify and deal with the prevention of elderly abuse, and the necessary know-how to preserve and promote the health of both the individual and the community.

Career Prospects

  • This programme is designed for those working in the caregiver setting or those wishing to enter a career in geriatric facilities or social care, whether in the public or private sectors.


Understand the demographic shifts that have led to population ageing.
Take stock of ageism and promote healthy ageing
Differentiate between the social and psychological changes that occur with age.
Understand the major theories and concepts key to the study of ageing.
Understand basic health policy as it applies to population aging.
State the challenges facing older people and their caregivers.


  • As per UTM ‘Admissions Regulations’ and ‘Admissions to Undergraduate Programmes’.


29 Lessons3 years (FT) / 4 years (PT)

Level 1

Introduction to Ageing studies
Theories of Ageing
Personality and Adult Development
ICT and Healthcare
Communication skills and Health Promotion
Nutritional Needs of the Elderly
The Ageing Process
Health, Wellness and First Aid
Active and productive Ageing

Level 2

Level 3