BSc (Hons) in Financial Management with specialization in Public Finance

Achieving sustainable economic growth, capital formation, and public welfare.


The challenge facing public finance managers is to make improvement initiative a reality, and this calls for the development and application of new skills and innovative thinking. The public sector require officers with high calibre to operate in a dynamic environment where transparency, accountability and good governance are the norms of the day. In particular, much emphasis is placed on productivity and excellence.

This course is thus developed and tailor made over a period of three and a half years on a part time mode mainly for  the finance and analyst cadres  of the Ministry of Finance and other parastatal bodies. The students will learn about factors and policies that drive the economy. They will be exposed to tools and techniques in quality management, cost containment and performance, modern methods of funds accounting, corporate and legal financing, project management as well as a thorough understanding of the technological, political, cultural, legal and social factors embedded in public sector management.

The programme also offers 2 exit points at two different levels, upon cumulation of the required number of credits, which would  enable the students to qualify for the award of a Certificate and a Diploma respectively. Modules carrying higher credits essentially involve submission of an additional assignment. The final year requirement also involves the writing of a dissertation in the field of public finance and public sector financial management.


Government Financial Management is focusing on modern, efficient and effective Public Service Management. The Government and society want greater public sector transparency, accountability and equity. The challenge facing the public sector financial managers is to make the financial management improvement initiatives work. These challenges call for new skills and innovative thinking.

The Degree is uniquely offered to assist the financial managers to renew and upgrade their competencies. The Programme is also relevant to other public sector officers intending to pursue a career in public finance.


The programme objectives are to:

  • inculcate the foundation and theories related to public sector finance, government accounting, public sector management.
  • equip students with appropriate conceptual and analytical tools in the relevant field and provide opportunities for the development and application of these tools.
  • prepare students in undertaking research in the field.

produce graduates who will be future leaders of the public sector financial community.


The programme will employ a wide variety of teaching methods, including lectures, individual or group projects, presentations, workshops, case studies, field visits, work placement and talks by guest speakers. Self-learning will be the key feature of the programme, enabling students to explore, investigate and research into the various topics, interact with practitioners, and work in teams on projects.


  • As per UTM’S Admissions Regulations, and ‘Admission to Undergraduate Programmes Excluding Diploma and Certificates or APL / APEL requirements.
  • OR
  • Cambridge School Certificate, with credit in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics and at least 3 years relevant work experience as Finance Cadres in the Public Service.