BSc (Hons) Land Surveying (Top-Up)

The sworn course for avid software developers who want to change the world!

Learn the necessary skills to use of spatial information to accurately determine the terrestrial position of points and the metrics and angles between them.
The programme has been created to expand and manage systems for gathering and studying spatial data about the land, the marine, natural resources and man-made features.

Career Prospects

  • Provide a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the theories and methods of land surveying to enable the students to work efficiently with respect to regional, national and international requirements.


Acquired adequate mathematical skills for spatial data analysis and interpretation.
Gained a broad insight in the legal framework for professional practice as surveyors.
Demonstrate an understanding of land surveying packages.
Showing an ability to examine land surveying.
Development of a sense of critical land surveying and land information reasoning.
Shown the necessary confidence in working independently and as a member of a team.


  • (i) Two ‘A’ Level passes in Mathematics and another science subject
  • (ii) Diploma in Land Surveying


9 Lessons1 year (FT) / 1.5 years (PT)

Level 3

Cadastral Systems and Professional Practice
GIS Fundamentals
Advanced Geodesy
Valuation Method
Geo-Hazards and Safety Management
Land Traffic Planning
Valuation Method