BSc (Hons) in Management (with MARKETING)

We are connecting you with marketing!

Learn the necessary knowledge in disciplines that underline the theory and practice of both management and specialize in marketing area. It focuses on combining core and advanced business theory and practice with the essential elements of marketing, recognized as the most critical business discipline in many organizations
The programme aims at inculcating students with a knowledge and understanding of the core areas of management and also with a good understanding of the central concepts of Marketing

Career Prospects

  • Possible jobs include director, supervisor and administrator in most firm.


Enable students to acquire state of the art knowledge and understanding of the field of management
Provide an educational experience which will facilitate and promote students' intellectual development and life-long learning skills
Promote critical awareness of the merits and complexities of management, and to inculcate an appreciation of the association between theory and practice
Appraise students of important new developments in the field of management
Appraise students of important new developments in the field of management.
Enable students to develop appropriate practical and transferable skills. provide a high quality management programme.


  • Essential knowledge of ICT done at ‘O’ Level or ‘A’ Level HSC or Internet & Computing Core Certification (IC3).
  • *For those not having these entry requirements, Introduction to Computing can be taken on a self learning mode with no credits earned


30 Lessons3 years (FT) / 4 years (PT)

Level 1

Organisation and Management
Financial Accounting
Digital Skills
Essential of Statistics
Introduction to Law & Legal Methods
Oganisational Behaviour
Marketing management
Cost and Management Accounting
Business Communication

Level 2

Level 3