BSc (Hons) Network and Telecommunication Technologies

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This BSc (Hons) Network and Telecommunication Technologies programme emphasizes an in-depth understanding of the technologies that underpin the Internet, local and global broadband digital networking, and mobile communication systems that are required for tomorrow’s broadband-interactive information highways. It also focuses on the application of technology solutions to business problems in the telecom sector.
This programme aims to provide a foundation upon which students can build a successful career. This programme has been created to provide the students with the skills and abilities required by networking companies. The programme deals with network engineering as well as network design and administration.

Career Prospects

  • Possible jobs include Telecom Project Manager, Network Manager, Telecom or Network Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, system programmer, Cloud-based jobs (e.g. cloud engineer or anything job dealing with the planning, design, deployment, maintenance, and support), Mobile Network Field Engineer, Penetration Tester, Network Support staff, System Support Analyst, Network Security Analyst, System Architects, Network Systems Consultant, Product Support Engineer, IT Support Engineer, etc.


Knowledge of the physical and logical principles that determine how data networks and various telecommunications systems work
Ability to integrate multiple technologies in addressing organizational solutions
Demonstrate an understanding of industry-standard best practices in working with telecommunications technologies
Technical skill to design and install to meet a specification and manage a networked system
Display an appreciation of network-based application development
Select and configure appropriate hardware and software to implement a networked system design
Identify and solve problems in the operation of networked systems
Capacity to pursue an independent investigation using learning resources and practical evaluation
Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills required in a technical environment
Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
Finally, demonstrate sufficient background knowledge to serve as a foundation for continued studies


  • At least a credit in Mathematics or in one Science or Technology subject at Ordinary level of the School Certificate or an alternative qualification acceptable to the APL/APEL committee.


8 Lessons3 years (FT) / 4.5 years (PT)

List of Core Module

Structured & Coaxial Cabling and Optical Fibre
Telecommunication Systems and protocols fundamentals
Network Technologies and Design 1
Network Technologies and Design 2: LAN Switching and Wireless LAN
Network Technologies and Design 3: WAN Technologies
Network Technologies and Design 4: Routing Techniques
Network Technologies and Design 5: Secure Telecommunication & networks Solutions
Network Technologies and Design 6: Integration and Enabling Technologies