Diploma in Emerging Technologies (with specialization in either Internet of Things or Big Data)

Helping Us in Our Daily Lives with Internet of Things Systems & Powering Your Business by Making Data Easier to Use.

This Diploma in Emerging Technologies programme is designed to give students a strong foundation within the technical themes of evolving technologies. It is a programme with two specializations, namely, the Internet of Things and Big Data. The Diploma in Emerging Technologies (Internet of Things) provides students with a firm foundation for a successful career in technology development & innovation, with a specific focus on topics involving smart devices, IoT security & surveillance, and intelligent systems amongst others. On the other hand, the Diploma in Emerging Technologies (Big Data) will provide students with a variety of techniques used to retrieve and analyse data, and as well as process large, complex, and sometimes unstructured sets of information.
The aims of the programme are: (i) to bridge the gap between available skills in the current labour market and industry requirements (ii) to provide the diploma holders with the skills to prepare them for careers in the ICT environment with emphasis on solutions design, software development and technology infrastructure support.

Career Prospects

  • There are many and varied career opportunities for Diploma holders in the fields of emerging technologies in this evolving industry in Mauritius. Due to the global nature of this field, there are also career opportunities in other parts of the World. Possible jobs include IT programmer, Server Operator, Computer Technician, Network Technician, Technical Assistant, Helpdesk officer, etc.


Solve computing problems by applying their knowledge from the programme.
Develop and conduct appropriate applications to process and interpret data, and draw conclusions in specific environments.
Develop applications, namely in the areas of Networking, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud computing with a focus on the Internet of Things and Big Data using an emerging development platform (like Python).


  • Five (5) credits at Ordinary level inclusive of a credit or equivalent grade in English and inclusive of a credit or equivalent grade in either Mathematics or Physics or Computer Science, or an alternative qualification acceptable to the APL/APEL committee
  • OR
  • Two (2) subjects at Advanced Level inclusive of either Mathematics or Physics or Computer Science or any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the APL/APEL committee.
  • Note: In addition to the above requirements, prior to the start of the diploma programme, the students will be required to follow a preparatory course of two weeks to equip them with the fundamental prerequisite skills (e.g. soft skills, mathematics fundamentals, etc.).


9 Lessons2 years (FT) / 3 years (PT)

List of Core Modules

Big Data Architecture and Programming
Network Technologies and Design
Building Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning Techniques
Mobile Communication System Architecture
Cloud Computing and Techniques
Dynamic Web Platform on Chip for IoTs
R Big Data Analytics and architecture
Big Data Querying and Analytics