Diploma in Pharmacy Technician Studies

Serving the future, because health is wealth

The Diploma in Pharmacy Technician Studies programme has been designed to focus on dispensing techniques, customer care, health ethics, pharmaceutical sciences, legislation and inventory management, amongst others. The Programme aims to give hands-on training and learn valuable work-related skills essential for the practice of their profession and for their future employability.

Career Prospects

  • With this Diploma will be able to integrate confidently in a variety of work environments, such as: hospitals, community or retail pharmacies, the sales or production department of a pharmaceutical company, health education organizations or long-term health care facilities


Personal/Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills
Foundational Professional Knowledge and Skills
Processing and Handling of Medications and Medication Orders
Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding
Procurement, Billing, Reimbursement and Inventory Management
Patient- and Medication-Safety
Technology and Informatics
Regulatory Issues
Quality Assurance


  • In addition to meeting the general entry requirements as per section D above, applicants are informed that credits at S.C or G.C.E ‘O’ level (or equivalent) in mathematics and chemistry are desirable.


20 Lessons2 years (FT) / 3 years (PT)

Level 1

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
Biology of Diseases
Medical Microbiology and Vector Biology
Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
Pharmaceutics (Physical and Biological Pharmacy)
Pharmacy Practice I
Pharmacotherapy I
Health Research Methods, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Level 2