MSc Tourism Management and Marketing

Aspirations for Highflyers

The MSc in Tourism Management and Marketing aims at developing an understanding and critical awareness of the managerial and marketing issues that confront the tourism industry. Existing and future professionals will be exposed to a better grasp of the tourism industry as well as the opportunity to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills.
The programme is aimed at those who wish to enhance their knowledge of tourism management and marketing. The MSc Tourism Management and Marketing prepares students to begin or continue a career in the tourism sector with a firm foundation of marketing.

Career Prospects

  • Pursue a career in the field of management and marketing of tourism in public and private sectors such as national tourism offices, hotels, tour operators, airline companies, tourist attractions, conferences and exhibitions centres and in the field of tourism education.


To provide an understanding of tourism concepts and marketing related issues.
To demonstrate a critical understanding of the different conceptual, empirical and methodological development of tourism management and marketing.
To demonstrate knowledge of tourism trends in a local and global context.
To analyse marketing strategies and opportunities in the tourism industry.
To encourage decision-making skills in a tourism business environment and ensure a balance between the acquisition of conceptual and practical knowledge.
To enable students to undertake research in the field of tourism and marketing.


  • As per UTM ‘Admissions Regulations’ and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Masters Degree Level’


6 Lessons2 years


Destination Management and Marketing
Tourism and Sustainable development
Brand Management and Marketing Communications
Digital Marketing
Leisure and Events Management
Consumer Behaviour in Tourism