Short programme in Unleashing the Child’s Potential: Parenting Skills

Children are the most precious gift to Mankind

At an early age children display natural abilities during their daily activities. Over time, these natural abilities could develop into special talents and gifts. Some children learn to speak or read faster than others, some lean towards drawing pictures while some show more physical ability and strength in the playground or in sports. It is essential for parents to recognize these early signs of development and do their best to encourage the children to reach their full potential. This short course is designed specifically to help expectant/current parents and careers hone their parenting skills while guiding them to identify and promote the physical, mental, emotional and social development of the child and to unleash their hidden potentials.

Career Prospects

  • Equipped with this Diploma, awardees will be able to integrate confidently in a variety of working environments, such as: diagnostic department of private and public health institutes, academic laboratories, food testing laboratory, biotechnology and research facilities.


Perform microbiological tests
Apply routine analytical techniques
Perform chemical and quality control tests
Perform biological procedures
Process and analysis of human samples
Prepare, standardize and use solutions and reagents
Process, interpret and report data
Develop and maintain laboratory documentation
Plan and conduct laboratory work safely


  • As per UTM‘Admissions Regulations’ and 'Admissions to Certificate and Diploma Programmes'.


12 Lessons45 contact hrs

Module Topics

Child/parents relationship
Bodily structures and processes of newborn baby
Basic Child Development
Keeping children healthy
Child Nutrition
Communication skills and play for children
Development of STEM literacy
Child stimulation
Unleashing the child’s potential
Memory Training
Challenges of parental responsibility in a digital age
Child protection framework