BSc (Hons) Sustainable Environmental Planning and Management

Building sustainable lives

With globalisation and population growth, countries around the planet are faced with environmental problems. Biodiversity degradation, global climate change, increasing floods and droughts, higher energy demands, rising waste generations are amongst the few examples influencing the environment.

Pure sciences do not necessarily offer sufficient preparation for understanding environmental problems and providing adequate planning and management. More often, social, economical and political studies, complemented by various sciences, are the key elements for a sound and sustainable environmental planning and management. It addresses the challenges of shaping the community, government, and corporate responses in the context of rapid environmental change in the contemporary world for the pursuit of sustainability.

This degree has been designed to meet the professional expansion needs in sustainable environmental planning and management on both national and international levels. The programme looks at a broad range of issues surrounding the earth, its biodiversity and its conservation. Students will develop relevant skills and knowledge in the field of environmental planning and management, in line with sustainable development.

Career Prospects

  • For people aspiring to work in nLocal authorities, Regulatory bodies, Development agencies, Construction and property companies, Waste management organisations, Consultancy, and Conservation firms.


Develop students’ understanding of the contested nature of global environmental issues
Instruct students to acquire essential skills for a sustainable environmental management and planning
Develop an understanding of the process of environmental policy development, implementation and enforcement
Provide practical skills and research development opportunities
Provide a firm foundation for advanced studies on the environment


  • Credits in Mathematics and at least one Science subject at O’ level


28 Lessons3 / 4 Years

Level 1

Essentials of Mathematics
Essentials of Chemistry
Business Communication
Mauritian Biodiversity
Earth, Climate and the Ecological System
Global Environment Issues
Principles of Sustainability
Environment and Health
Environmental Sociology
Environmental Laws and Protection

Level 2

Level 3