BSc (Hons) Applied Social Sciences with Specialisation in Sociology, Social Services and Criminology

Embark for the social paradigm shift

The Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences provides students with skills and abilities pertinent to a variety of professional careers in the public and private sectors of employment. Students are encouraged to develop a theoretical insight to enable them to understand not only current developments in society and the workplace, but also to adapt and respond appropriately to future developments as they occur.
At level 3, students will be provided with the opportunity to focus on one of the following areas: Sociology, Social Services or Criminology.

Career Prospects

  • Perfect for independent thinkers with a curiosity about the world and the people who live in it, as it aims at taking a deep insight into the way people and society function and change.


Develop learning skills in an interdisciplinary environment
Experience breadth of disciplinary studies and intellectual processes
Specialise in their chosen area of study.
Understand the cross-cultural issues of interdisciplinary study and teams
Develop the personal qualities and attitudes needed for professional success
Identify and understand the fundamental values that inform critical issues and decision making


  • As per UTM ‘Admissions Regulations’ and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at undergraduate Level’


47 Lessons3 years (FT) / 4 years (PT)

List of Modules

Introduction to Sociology
Essentials of Psychology
Counselling Theories and Principles
Business Communication
Social Theory and Sociological Thought
Sociology of the Family and Gender Issues
Principles and Practices of Management
Sustainability for Social Sciences
Essentials of Statistics
Marketing and Public Relations
Workplace Safety and Health Promotion
Social Psychology
Migration and Society
Law and Legal Principles
Social Work and Social Policy
Work Behaviour
Criminality and Deviance
Community Services
Customer Relationship Management
Work placement /Portfolio

Specialisation in Social Services (Starting Year 3)

Specialisation in Sociology (Starting Year 3)

Specialisation in Criminology (Starting Year 3)