Diploma in Fisheries Enabled Services

Sustained growth of the World Economy rest on exploring our Oceans

Learn the necessary skills to create an enabling and sustainable environment to allow participants better promote the fisheries sector while taking into account sound economic and social growth.
The programme aims at upgrading the knowledge and qualifications of the working people within the fisheries sector and to encourage independent thought and analysis of the conditions and situations met within the Ministry and the industries at technical and managerial levels.

Career Prospects

  • For people already working in the fisheries sector and for Officers of the Fisheries Protection Service of the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping. It offers opportunities for the personnel requiring specific knowledge and skills necessary to improve their effectiveness in their work area and also to cope with the various on-going changes in the field.


Foster the sustainable development and management of fisheries resources.
Equip students with the core knowledge, theoretical and practical underpinnings of the fisheries sector and the
ocean economy
Cater for the conservation and protection of fisheries resources for continued socio-economic benefits to all
Develop students’ ability to think critically, appraise and apply relevant skills to address local, regional and
international challenges


  • Either
  • (i) As per UTM’s ‘Admissions Regulations’ to Diploma Programmes
  • Or
  • (ii) Exceptionally, other candidates who do not satisfy the above criteria, but who can satisfy the School Board on the recommendation of the School both as to their general educational qualifications and as to their
  • competence for the course of study proposed, may be admitted with at least ten years of relevant work experience.


19 LessonsPart Time: 2 years

Level 1

Introduction to Physical, Oceanography Marine Biology and Chemistry
Introduction to Information Technology
Business Communication
Fisheries Statistics
Principles & Practices in Management
Marine Environment, Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Meteorology and Climatology
Fisheries Management
Workplace Safety and Health Promotion

Level 2