Health and Safety Unit

Office of Registrar

Role and purpose

The Safety and Health Unit of the University of Technology, Mauritius is here to promote safety
and health on campus by ensuring the wellbeing of university staff, students, contractors and

The Safety and Health Unit supports and facilitates the development of health and safety
policies, defines responsibilities and ensures open communication on health and safety

Who we are

The Safety and Health Unit operates under the aegis of the Office of Registrar.
Mrs Yusra Shahanna Hudaa ANONA-MOUSSA, Safety and Health Officer/ Senior Safety and Health Officer of the University
of Technology, Mauritius.
Graduated in BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety and Health Management.

What we do
The Safety and Health Unit aims to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 and
to provide comprehensive support and advice to both management and staff by preparing
preventive strategies for identifying and controlling hazards arising from work and the promotion
of health and wellbeing.

Useful Links

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Regulations 1980 -updated as at 2011 (repealed)

Electricity at Work

Regulations 2009

Work at Height

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Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare (First-aid)

Regulations 1989 - updated as at 2005


Safety and Health Officer

[email protected]

2075250 / Ext. 284

Frequently Asked Questions

How the department support student, guests, visitors, stakeholders ?

The Safety and Health Unit provides guidance, advice and assistance general health and safety issues for the benefit of UTM staff, students, contractors and visitors.

Description of “Our Pledge to Students”

  • To provide a safe campus to our students;
  • Given that safety is a shared responsibility, we shall remind and encourage our students to practice health & safety measures and guidelines responsibly. 

Where is the Assembly Point located ?

  • Football playground

Location of Safety and Health Officer’s office?

  • Block A – Door A0.09

Can we report an unsafe act/ condition?

Photo Gallery

Health and safety training provided for staff
First Aid Training provided to Staff in October 2019
Fire Safety Training for UTM Staff
September and October 2019
Fire Drill
29 June 2019
Disinfection by Aqua Science and Technology
29 May 2019