Human Resource Department

Office of Registrar

The University of Technology, Mauritius Human Resource department succeeded from the Office of Registrar overarching management and became independent as from the year 2013. It consists of seven ladies who screen on the daily agendas. Moreover, it comprises of the Human Resource Management Officer (HRMO), Administrative Officer (AO), Higher Executive Office (HEO), two Management Support Officers (MSO), and two Clerk/ Word Processing Operators. It is equally made up of two sections; the Administration and the Leave Management respectively. But when need arise all the staff give a lending hand to make the process smooth and effective.

The core activities in the Administration section deal with the staff matters, screening, interviews, selection, and recruitment of prospective candidates, prepares memoranda from the Board decision and Staff Committee. Overall, the recruitment phase ends with the deployment of contracts. While the Leave Management section processes all the leaves applications, car loans, passage benefits and cater the whole leave section of the PRB Report 2021.

As a whole, the HR team works for the staff satisfaction by improving on the work flow on a daily basis.

Staff List



HR Management Officer
Mrs L Dantier (AO -HR) (1)

Mrs. Lorianne DANTIER

Administrative Officer